Backup DHCP server

backup DHCP server backup backup DHCP server backup

I am going to teach you how to backup DHCP server.

During our workday, we are overwhelmed and we are forgetting to backup our critical system such as DHCP, DNS, GPO.
When we are installing DHCP server automatically, it creates a folder on “C:\Windows\system32\DHCP“, on that folder we could see the BACKUP folder (C:\Windows\system32\dhcp\backup) which be used for us for every backup we will make whenever.

Open your DHCP server:backup DHCP server

Right click on your Domain and choose Backup..:

backup DHCP server_backup

By default, as I mentioned it saves on the Backup folder but we can change it, I prefer to leave it as is:

backup DHCP server

Once we have done it, DHCP.cfg file saved in that folder.

You also can make this backup by Powershell commands:

Backup-DhcpServer -ComputerName -Path C:\Windows\system32\dhcp\backup


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