Bitlocker Tab Is Missing on AD

Bitlocker Tab Is Missing on AD Bitlocker Tab Is Missing on AD

System Administrator which is managing BitLocker on his environment may not see the BitLocker Recovery TAB when they try to open the properties of the computer through AD, The first thing you may think it is to  enableAdvanced Features” under “View” tab, but it does not help you as well, what do we have missed 🙂? We haven’t installed “BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer” under “Bit Locker Drive Encryption Administration Utilities”, so please open “Server Manager” and then go to Add Feature and check the box:

Bitlocker Tab Is Missing on AD

If you have Windows Client Machine you may also miss Bitlocker Recovery Tab on your RSAT, you have to add the “BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer” from Windows Feature:
BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer

BitLocker Recovery Password Viewer

  1. 홍순영 9 months ago

    AD GPO policy can’t force you to apply it to your PC?
    User wants to automatically deploy settings in AD without having to set up BitLocker

  2. Carlos Calvo 3 months ago

    Thank you for sharing!

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