Configure Screen Saver via GPO


Today I am going to share with you all steps are needed for configuring screen saver correctly in Group Policy, we will set any X time that after this time the computer will lock automatically. It is the good security reason to create a policy of this kind, many users are forgetting to lock their computer which makes kind of security hole on the domain, Even some IT guys with high permission forgets to lock their computer sometimes.


Open your Group Policy:

configure screen saver via GPO

Navigate to:

User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Control Panel\Personalization

configure screen saver via GPO

And enable this policy:

Prevent changing screen saver:

configure screen saver via GPO

Enable this policy as well

Password protect the screen saver:

Password protect the screen saver:

look for “Screen saver timeout” GPO which there you have to specify after how many seconds the computer will lock ( I have set 600  which is 15 min)

configure screen saver via GPO

Select ” Force specific screen saver” policy and enable it, insert this DLL: ( I chose default Screen Saver of Windows)

configure screen saver via GPO



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  1. Tanguy 4 years ago

    Thank you !
    I didn’t fins how to before. Because i didn’t know how to set rhe default screensaver (RunDll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation) and i didn’t want to choose one for all and put it in a network share.

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