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  1. Mario Santillan 2 years ago

    Dear Meir,

    I saw your youtube video which is great however I have followed it to the dot yet I am unable to boot both UEFI or BIOS. I have DHCP and WDS on different servers, I am using MDT instead of SCCM, my folder name is boot instead of smsboot. I can manage to boot one or the other but not both. I am kindly requesting if you could possibly assist me with my issue.

    Best regards,

  2. Jag 2 years ago

    We have two RDS, one runs all payroll(RDS1)apps and second one runs all Practice(RDS2) apps. RDS1 is a licencing and gateway server. We want add another RDS3 and RDS4 running same applications as before(identical server). I am looking to load balance when users on RDS1 reaches the limit they are directed to RDS3 and users reaches limit on RDS2 are directed to RDS4. Can you help me with a design for this case? users are connecting via https://?????? via port 443.

  3. Tony 7 months ago

    I watched your fantastic video on changing Server 2012 R2 domain names. I have a question though that I was hoping you could help with. I have a server with a non-FQDN name, “sdidomain”. The nameserver entries are backward from what I am familiar with, “server1.local.sdidomain”, instead of something I would have expected, “server1.sdidomain.local”.

    Is there an easy way to correct this? It doesn’t seem to be causing any problems and I wasn’t sure if it would. All of the networks I have administered in the past have names that end with the .local

    Thank you for considering this request.

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