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In this article, I am going to show you how to create Disk Virtual, (LUN) for a Windows machine and then I’ll connect it using ISCSI initiator. Microsoft is not one of the popular storage providers at all in the storage world. But they pretend to be and I also think in Windows Server 2016 they will improve it more, in addition as you know about NETAPP, EMC, and other popular storage isn’t bad to introduce the Microsoft File and storage service as well.

This solution could be a good option for a small organization that doesn’t have enough money to purchase a storage array or something like that.

There is no doubt, this service is still so far rather than EMC or Netapp capabilities, but again for small companies, it could be useful and efficient, For example, if you need to install  SQL server with Failover Cluster service and the SQL’s fail-over cluster requires “Shared Storage“. or make use of File Server for you users.

what should you do? File and Storage Service is the solution!

In Windows Server 2012 we have to install the File and Storage Service and the following features:

  • File and ISCSI Service
  • File Server
  • target Server ISCSI
  • Storage service

After we finished installing the Roles just to clarify, you have storage management, you can create LUNSHARES, VOLUME exactly like other storage capabilities.

Windows Server 2012 DataCenter:

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

Go to ISCSI TAB and click on TASKS, on and then click “New ISCSI Virtual Disk”:

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

Select the Volume you want,

I want to create a new folder that will use be useful for LUN (VD), I am clicking on Type a custom Path and “Browse” and then Select a folder:

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

Insert the details:

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

Set the size of an LUN and selecting on “Dynamically Expanding”:

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

In this figure we have to select” New iSCSI Target”: (if you have the existing one you also use it):

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

Type Name and Next:

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

Add (We have to specify iSCSI Initiator that will access to our VD):

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

In this interesting window we have to insert the IQN of the server:

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

In order to know what is the IQN we have to go to the server that which VD (LUN) intend for and copy from there the IQN, In my case I want to as sigh this LUN to Windows Server 2008 R2: Open iSCSI Initiator under Administrative Tools: (maybe you may install it if it doesn’t exist)

Select on Configuration TAB and then copy the “Initiator Name”:

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

Go back to the server and paste the IQN we have copied:

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

Continue with Next:

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

We also have the possibilities to set the CHAP I prefer to skip about that is not necessary for us, Next:


Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

Open to iSCSI Initiator:

Sometimes it is enough then clicked on refresh and the VS will be appearing there.

If it doesn’t appear there we have two spicy the P address of the HostName and then click

Virtual Disk assign iSCSI

Go to Volume And Device and click on “Auto Configure”

The Auto Configure option makes LUN be Online even after we perform restart of the server, Besides that it knows retain the connection with storage serverVirtual Disk assign iSCSI

.That’s it what we have to do is go to “Computer Management” and click on the new LUN “Unallocated and mount

.Hope you will manage

.I am hoping it will think over about this amazing feature as you can see that is not difficult environment or uncomplicated one, it’s convenient environment


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