Enable Recycle Bin on Windows Server 2012

Please refresh Active Directory Please refresh Active Directory

In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to restore any kind of object in Windows Server 2012. So let’s start. First, please open the Server Manager and select the Active Directory Administrative Center:

Enable Recycle Bin AD2012

Click on your server name enable “Enable Recycle Bin” on the left side:

Enable Recycle Bin AD2012

Click OK:

Enable Recycle Bin AD2012

Please refresh:

Enable Recycle Bin AD2012

Now it is enabled, as you can see it is grayed out:

I have deleted some objects just to demonstrate to you the restore process

Enable Recycle Bin AD2012

Here you can see that it’s very simple, right-click on the object and select restore, (BTW, you can restore it to a different OU)

Enable Recycle Bin AD2012

The object returned to his original OU:

Enable Recycle Bin

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