Install DHCP server on Windows Server 2008 R2

DHCP Server DHCP Server


Quick Tutorial:

I am going to show you how to install DHC Role and configure it on Windows 2008 R2

How to install DHCP and configure FAILOVER Cluster on Windows Server 2012:

Go to Server Manager and right-click on Role and then “Add Role“.

install DHCP 2008R2

Select DHCP server:

install DHCP 2008R2


install DHCP 2008R2

It knows recognize my IP address, then please continue with Next:

install DHCP 2008R2

Specify the “Parent Domain

Type your DNS server and then validate

If you another DNS server ( the Secondary one ) type on the Alternate DNS server field

install DHCP 2008R2



Here we need to specify out SCOPE, Please click on Add button.

install DHCP 2008R2

As you can see  I assigned 40 IP’s for account scope

Really important to type Subnet Mask and Default Gateway as well.


install DHCP 2008R2

Continue with Next:

install DHCP 2008R2

I have no any product that asks for IPv6 so I skipped on it

install DHCP 2008R2


install DHCP 2008R2


install DHCP 2008R2

Here you are ! my new DHCP server already assigned me IP:



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