Windows 10 default backgrounds

Windows 10 default backgrounds

Hi all,

Not sure if are you eager as me regarding Microsoft images that they have been added to Windows 10,

Personally, I really like it! It extraordinary pictures which always make me to the deep look on them (:D) and tried to guess where those locations are located.

In addition, I wanted to download a specific picture to my computer to set a new background for my personal PC so I needed to find the default location of the folder which contains all pictures.

In order to go over on all pictures, you have to navigate to:


But, you may not see “App Data” folder under you user, therefore you have to check box the “Show Hidden Files, Folders, And Drivers”: and “Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types”

Click on “Options”

Windows 10 default backgrounds


Windows 10 default backgrounds

After that,  you may see this folder:


Windows 10 default backgrounds

The next step you have to do is to “Rename” these files (F2) and set “.JPG” extension

Windows 10 default backgrounds


Windows 10 default backgrounds

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  1. Kevin luber 4 years ago

    Lol, I had tried to find those picture and only take screen shot helped me until this wonderful article.
    Appreciate you free helpng,we have apprecite it accordingly!

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